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Technical Editor


The technical editor is responsible for the final technical content and accuracy of all construction project reports released by the company. This includes both the correct understanding of the process and equipment to be used by the owner of a project and the proper description of the construction requirements and opportunities.


  • Analyze reports for technical accuracy and final content integrity to company standards
  • Ensure that all proper opportunities are clearly defined
  • Identify business opportunities for any new or modified technology with industrial construction content
  • Communicate to all staff the details of new technologies or improvements to the reporting of technologies
  • Apply engineering analysis and problem solving skills to evaluate new technologies or improve understanding of previously reporting facts
  • Research and collect facts on specific projects by use of internet searching and telephone communication with key decision makers
  • Create and author written reports to specific standards

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor of Science in an engineering or technical discipline
  • Minimum of 5 years of manufacturing or other applied technical experience not including research or other abstract fields
  • Demonstrable writing and editorial experience and skills
  • Proven communication skills through voice and electronic media
  • Good interpersonal communication skills

Job Preferences:

  • Experience with technical writing or similar background
  • Information technology background with internet search tools and computer network configuration

To apply for this position, please contact our human resources department at:

Industrial Reports Inc.
8009-101 Creedmoor Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27613