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Planned Capital Spending - August 2018

Combined U.S. & Canadian Industrial Spending Bounces Back

RALEIGH, NC –September 1, 2018

Research by Industrial Reports, Inc. shows combined U.S. and Canadian planned capital spending rebounded by 30 percent in August compared to July with $46.74 billion in spending for the two nations. July’s planned investment showed $36.04 billion. The research organization reported 268 planned U.S. and Canadian projects in August.

Planned U.S. project spending grew by 19 percent in August with $38.60 billion in planned investment compared to the July total of $32.40 billion.

Canadian planned investment rallied to $8.14 billion in August up from $3.64 billion in July. Projects in both nations ranged in value from $500,000 to $6.7 billion.

Process projects led U.S. spending with $24.99 billion in planned investment, followed by power and energy projects with $7.03 billion. Manufacturing projects reported $3.83 billion in planned U.S. spending.

In Canada, process projects led all markets with $5.86 billion in planned spending. Manufacturing projects accounted for $1.58 billion and power and energy projects showed $423 million.

Texas was the U.S. leader in planned investment for the month with $7.04 billion, followed by Alaska with $6.93 billion and Louisiana with $4.28 billion.

In Canada, Alberta led the provinces and territories with $4.14 billion in planned spending. Québec reported $1.97 billion and Saskatchewan reported $1.04 billion.

Texas was the leader in U.S. project activity with 24 planned projects. North Carolina reported 15 planned projects and Georgia and Ohio each had 13.

Alberta and Québec led Canadian project activity with nine planned projects each. British Columbia and Ontario each reported five projects and Saskatchewan had three.

Industrial Reports researches projects in the United States and Canada for companies that provide services, materials and equipment for new and expanding industrial facilities, including:

-Manufacturing Facilities
-Process Facilities
-Food Process Facilities
-Chemical Process Plants
-Oil & Gas Projects
-Research & Development Laboratories
-Distribution Facilities
-Energy Facilities
-Industrial Buildings
-Water/Wastewater Treatment Plants
-Solid Waste Facilities
-Plant Dismantlements

The following are selected projects researched and reported in July:

$14 Million Plastic Auto Components Production Expansion, Planning Phase

$100 Million Data Center, Starting Design

$150 Million Lumber Mill, Starting Design

$15 Million Seafood Processing/Distribution Center Expansion, Starting Planning

$70 Million Cogeneration Facility Re-powering, Design Phase

New Jersey:
$800 Million Combined-Cycle Power Plant, Planning Phase

New Mexico:
$205 Million Natural Gas Pipeline & Compressor Station, Planning Phase

New York:
$5 Million Natural Gas Decompression Station, Starting Planning

North Dakota:
$5 Million Petroleum Refinery Conversion, Starting Design

$2.75 Billion Crude Oil Pipeline, Pump Stations & Terminal, Starting Planning

$575 Million Tissue Mill, Planning Phase

$1 Billion Bitumen Extraction & Processing Facilities, Planning Phase

$15 Million Refined Petroleum Products Pipeline, Design Phase

$2.5 Billion Polymer Production Expansion, Planning Complete

$41.6 Million Cold Storage Distribution Center, Design Phase

$40 Million Food Ingredients Plant, Starting Planning

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